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Did you know that…
...#RVFranco will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2018?

Franco-Ontarians’ Day: What will you look like today?

September 25th is Franco-Ontarians Day. Bonne fête to the French Ontarians!

  • Today is a special day for thousands of French speaking Ontarians…
  • They will share their pride to speak and to live in French in this province…
  • They may put on green and white clothes to match their flag…

And they may look like one of these types of Franco-Ontarians partying in this video made by two young comedians of Franco Fier, Nicholas Monette and Gabriel Burelle.

These guys are a true sensation on the web with more than 5,000 subscribers on Facebook.

Join them to celebrate September 25th, 2017 in white and green!

“Responsible government” explained to English and French students

One hundred and fifty years after the creation of the Canadian Confederation, Francophones and Anglophones are still discussing, exchanging and debating all across our vast territory. The laws and policies voted by our government have a direct impact on our daily lives. Did you know that the creation of a responsible government (in 1848) helped

RVF 2017 by the NCRA

Listen at the full report of the 2017 RVF’s launching ceremony produced by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA).

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