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Did you know that…
...August 15 is Acadian Day? Although it is primarily observed in the Acadian communities of Atlantic Canada, Acadian Day is celebrated across the country!

Make some noise for Acadia on August 15!

Get ready to experience great noise parades on August 15 as part of the Acadian Day!

Here’s an overview of this noisy walk, called “tintamarre” in French. This will give you a good preview before the national celebrations in the Canada’s capital region.

Tip: turn up the volume of your speakers!

Canadians Celebrate Acadia

In the year of Canada’s 150th birthday, it is fitting that the National Capital Region should recognize and celebrate one of the first European-settled nations to build our country. On Tuesday, August 15, the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue will mark this year’s Acadian Day at the MosaïCanada site in Gatineau, starting at ten in

RVF 2017 by the NCRA

Listen at the full report of the 2017 RVF’s launching ceremony produced by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA).

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