If you live in a rural area of Canada and you are in a minority language situation, you may be eligible for a good amount of money to organize an activity for your community. Thanks to the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Expression Fund, $50 000 is available to community organizations to encourage the use of the country’s official languages. Successful projects will receive between $2000 and $10 000 to fund initiatives led, for example, by community centres, schools or daycares, and projects like theatrical productions, art galleries and concerts. In an interview for the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, Susan Cameron, … Read more »

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If you’re like me, you probably know him as the face printed on the $5 bill. You could say that he’s surely done great things to find himself there. You’ve often heard his name alongside a boulevard, a metro station, a shopping center and even a castle … But do we really know our first Francophone Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfrid Laurier? Yesterday at the Laurier House in Ottawa, where this character left his indelible mark, guests attended the national launch of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Project : Builder of Today’s Canada. The Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialgoue, which initiated … Read more »

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Art, like all things beautiful, exists chiefly for its own sake, and we certainly needn’t justify its existence.  But the value and power of art—whether it be visual art, sculpture, music, dance, theatre or literature—so often extends beyond the creation, itself.  In the process of creation, art can transform the artist, and in its relationship to its audience, it can also be transformative.  Art can define or express our individual, social, cultural and even political realities. It can act as a response to these realms, and elicit further response within them. It can build bridges.  It can unify.  And in … Read more »

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conference presse 2016

The Francophonie in 3D: Diversity, Duality and Dynamism! was the central theme of Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) celebrations from March 3 to 23, 2016, reflecting the values of the country’s Francophone and Acadian communities. National events included a Just for Laughs RVF Gala tour with stops in seven provinces at 17 galas, two of which were filmed in Edmonton by Unis TV. A growing audience made the tour a highlight event for Les RVF. Youth comedy workshops were also held in Winnipeg, Cornwall and Toronto, giving dozens of aspiring young performers the chance to hone their skills and … Read more »

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Did you know that in federal government offices, true champions of official languages exist? These champions are mandated to promote linguistic duality as personal and organizational values. In other words, they do everything in their power to ensure that French and English are used to their full potential in our government organizations. To learn more about these champions, my colleague Philippe has shared a summary of his recent discussion with Donna Achimov, the CEO of the Translation Bureau and Board Chair of the Council of the Network of Official Languages ​​Champions. What is the Council of the Network of Official … Read more »

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Launched last November, La Francomobile is an educational iPad app that carries beginners in French towards better oral and written comprehension. This application was developed specifically for youth aged 7 to 12 years by an expert team at TV5 Québec Canada. Why not climb aboard this one-of-a-kind vehicle! Inside La Francomobile, we find forty video clips grouped into eight major themes surrounding the vocabulary of everyday life. Children will feel at home and engaged in this mobile application, with more than 20 hours of intelligent games on their journeys with the endearing characters of the Cooper family! The four members … Read more »

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Francophones and Francophiles across the planet today celebrate the International Day of the Francophonie. Propelled by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie  (OIF) under the theme “The Power of Words”, this day allows 274 million Francophones from five continents to celebrate their language and the diversity of the Francophonie.  In recognition of this important day, it’s valuable to emphasize how fortunate we are, as Anglophone Canadians, to have the opportunity to participate as second language speakers in the worldwide Francophonie.  Below, I’ve translated some of the highlights of my Francophone colleague, Philippe’s post today, because I think it draws attention … Read more »

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The web is full of resources to help us to improve our proficiency in the French language we cherish. However, it’s easy to get lost amidst all the online tools available. As the French comedian Anne Roumanoff quipped about the Internet: “We don’t know that we want it all, but we find it all without even trying!” But look no further: IDÉLLO has arrived! This comprehensive website, produced by the TFO Media Group, is a playful digital learning universe—sleek, immersive and welcoming. Whether you’re an educator, student or parent, here you’ll find everything you need to learn and master French … Read more »

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An MA student in audiology at the University of Ottawa, Josée Poitras left her native New Brunswick to continue studies in the health field. Here is a portrait of the bilingual student who loves to share her experiences with others and is proud to study in French. “I’m originally from Bathurst, a small town northeast of New Brunswick,” she says. “This is a fairly bilingual region. I grew up with a French father and an English mother, so I’ve always used both languages. My education was done in French and at home we spoke more English.” With a Bachelor of … Read more »

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RVF 2016’s theme is Francophonie in 3D: Diversity, Dualism, and Dynamism, qualities reflected and championed by this year’s spokespeople, Mario Jean and Elisapie. Mario Jean: A Proud Francophone The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016 is proud to have Mario Jean, the celebrated Québec comedian and activist, as one of its two spokespeople this year. And Jean is proud to take on the role. When my colleague, Philippe Daoust asked about Jean’s motivation for accepting the position, Jean reflected on his pride in the Francophone community and the need of Francophones across Canada—especially those in minority language situations, who can sometimes … Read more »

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