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... The FCCF network brings together seven national groups in theater, literature, song-music, media arts and visual arts, 13 cultural and artistic development organizations in 11 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as a cluster of networks and an alliance of community radio stations? More information at

40 years of Francophone and Acadian art and culture!

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the FCCF invites you, in collaboration with Unis TV, to discover the richness of the arts and culture of the Canadian Francophonie. Through the seven episodes, you will be transported to the world of performing artists, dance, theater, visual arts, literature and media arts. This series is a journey, a foray through the music, movements, words and images of artists from all regions of the country and the cultural workers who accompany them.

To see all the episodes:

Production | Studio 7 Multimedia
Distribution Partner | Unis TV
Script | Aude Rahmani [Dance, Visual Arts and Music]

Celebrate Francophone Arts and Culture in Saint-Boniface!

For forty years, the Fédération culturelle Canadienne-française (FCCF) has promoted cultural and artistic expression of Canadian Francophone and Acadian communities. Advocating for its twenty-eight member organizations from across the country, the FCCF promotes events, conducts research on issues that concern Francophone arts, and develops strategies to keep Francophone culture vibrant in the midst of the

RVF 2017 by the NCRA

Listen at the full report of the 2017 RVF’s launching ceremony produced by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA).

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