La Cité collégiale’s campus in Ottawa, Ontario is bustling with over 5,000 French speaking people. If the walls had ears, they could account for the important role played by this French educational institution within the Franco-Ontarian community. They would also vibrate from the buzz of discussions had by the some 100,000 Francophones that have studied in this college of applied arts and technology since 1990.

Much more than a teaching institution, La Cité collégiale takes its place in the francophone community in Ontario. In fact, the 90 programs offered are designed in consultation with representatives of the population and public or private sectors, which greatly promotes the economic, social and cultural life of all Franco-Ontarians. La Cité collégiale is one of only two colleges in Ontario to have exclusive jurisdiction to provide French collegial programs and services.

Multifaced Francophonie

The cultural diversity of students of the largest college in Francophone Ontario is striking. The Francophonie, which radiates from the walls of La Cité collégiale, can count on the contribution of many different cultural communities. With 29% of its students from multicultural communities, the college is known for its integration capacities and is a shining example of the strength of a multifaced Francophonie.

Bilingualism in the Workplace

Finally, La Cité collégiale allows its graduates to easily integrate the job market not only by the quality of its teaching and its outstanding placement rate, but also with a distinct advantage: recognized bilingualism. Students can graduate with a certificate of bilingualism stating that they have successfully passed a literacy test. Very attractive to employers, this certificate is evidence that proficiency in both official languages is essential in finding a place within the workplace.

Philippe Daoust

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