I am a blogger. According to the Office québecois de la langue française (OQLF) I am defined as being a Web user who publishes a blog and updates it regularly. Twenty years ago I did not even exist and now I am one of millions of bloggers who make up the blogosphere. Has blogalization occurred? Have you been affected by blogophilia?

Although being part of the blogitude has forced me to regularly update my bilingual blog I do not consider myself to be a blog addict. Maybe I should consult a blogologist just to make sure…

What about you? Are you part of the new blogmania? As a blog reader does your head spin around the blogosphere planet?

New Family

The OQLF’s word index, “Les mots de la blogosphere”, contains no less than 125 concepts all related the wonderful world of blogs. I was surprised to discover so many new words associated to my functions as a blogger. My new favorite word…blogeoisie!

Despite what traditionalists might think this new family of words is proof that even the French language has to keep up with technological advances.

Philippe Daoust

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