The recent edition of the French dictionary “Le Petit Robert” is now available and contains some interesting new French-Canadian expressions! While some eagerly await the arrival of new car models, others patiently await the appearance of new words in the dictionary. I happen to be one of those people who patiently wait to see how my favorite language is once again transformed by the addition of new words and expressions.

Here’s a peek at this year’s evolution of the French language which is continually influenced by the way in which people employ it worldwide.

·         Ambitionner

·         Agent de bord

·         Bar laitier

·         Bobettes

·         Chum

·         Compétitionner

·         Débarque

·         Déneigeuse

·         Initialer

·         Jello

·         Piqueteur

·         Sloche

·         Taxage

·         Urgentologue

·         Accrocher ses patins

·         Se sucrer le bec

·         Passer dans le beurre

·         Faire quelque chose des deux mains.

Even without the addition of new words and expressions, learning French is hard. Maybe this year it will be a bit easier… because after all, we all know how to pronounce Jello!

Philippe Daoust

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