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Thérèse & Myriam: Two Generations, One Passion

TFO 24.7, the new Francophone point-of-view, introduces us to social and cultural video vignettes of our Canadian Francophonie and the people who compose it.

In this video: Thérèse Maheu and Myriam Vigneault may belong to two very different generations, but their love for the French language and their devotion to the Lafontaine community have brought them together.

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Don’t lose your French this summer: Six simple tips

School’s out for summer! And with the holidays well underway in Francophone minority communities across the country, parents of students in immersion and Francophone schools may be wondering what they can do to continue supporting their children’s French language development, especially where English remains the language of playgrounds, splashpads and beaches. My Francophone colleague, Philippe

The Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue and the APCM present a selection of 20 talented canadian artists from across Canada.

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