French Web Series in the Spotlight

If you think that soap operas, series or documentaries are just for TV, think again! With the appearance of web series, audiovisual productions are leaving the small screen for even smaller screens. The emergence of new media favors the creation of non-traditional means of communication and showcases the talent of Canadian creators.

TV5 Québec Canada understood the concept! For the past four years, the French television network has called upon young designers and new media tradespeople from all over the country and has encouraged them to participate in the Fonds TV5 pour la création numérique by creating digital broadcasting on the Internet. The goal is simple: promote the production of quality French-language content on new platforms. The Fonds TV5 offers up to 20 000 $ for a 5 vignette series. Creators aged 18-35 years interested in submitting a web series draft should do so before January 9th, 2012. Full details are available here.

According to Suzanne Gouin, President and CEO of TV5 Québec Canada, it is important to encourage the production of high quality French-language content. "Every day, through our programming and our exclusive content, we offer Francophones from Canadians and abroad, an innovative and interactive media experience. The Fonds TV5 is a direct contribution to the development of Francophone communities across the country and around the world. "

Just a Click

With the ever growing popularity of touch pads, smart phones and the mobile Internet, the Web has never been more accessible. Viewing habits avec changed greatly since the appearance of afternoon soap operas and even if old soap opera habits die hard, nobody can argue the impact of new digital media and the web.

The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie suggests you consult the web series produced in 2011 with the support of the Fonds TV5 pour la création numérique. The variety and quality of the productions is amazing and are available for your viewing pleasure with just a click of your mouse!

Since its creation in 2009, the Fonds TV5 pour la creation numérique has enabled the production of 23 French web series from across Canada that have been viewed over 200,000 times!

Creators aged 18-35 years interested in submitting a web series draft should do so before January 9th, 2012. Full details available here.

Web designers, writers, directors and craftsmen let your creative juices flow! Francophones around the world are anxiously awaiting Looking forward to watch your work on small screens!

Philippe Daoust