Louis-José Houde is out to Conquer the Country’s Francophone Communities

Just back from France, the Quebec comedian Louis-José Houde is out to conquer his French speaking fans over the course of the coming weeks. His journey takes him outside of Quebec to the Maritimes, the Prairies and Western Canada where he will perform his show in a dozen of mostly francophone communities.

I love Louis-José, and I'm not the only one! His Facebook page has over 33,500 fans and the comedian fills halls everywhere he goes. After receiving comments from internet surfers and fans from outside the province, he decided it was time to reach out and pay them a visit.

"Francophones outside Quebec are always very receptive,” he said to hostess Penelope McQuade on Thursday. “We often perform in New Brunswick and in certain parts of Ontario. I was there again last week, and let me tell you that they have a strong sense of humor.”

Watch his interview on the Penelope McQuade Radio-Canada show to find out who his biggest Canadian fans are, and how he describes the accents of Acadian laughter!

Have a great Canadian mini tour Louis-José! I hope you come up with all kinds of new anecdotes that you will share with us as only you know how!

Philippe Daoust