Having Coffee with our Southern Neighbors

The other morning, while sipping my coffee and surfing the net, I came across a fascinating web magazine called French Morning. The site features Francophone world news and provides great coverage of the French presidential campaign.

I did a quick search to find out who the creators of the site are and was soon surprised to discover that it was created and is managed by a team of French journalists based in New York.

French Pioneer of the Web

French Morning is primarily intended for American Francophone and Francophile, but also to visitors from elsewhere in the Francophonie. Founded five years ago, this is the first French web magazine in the United States. After New York, the cities of Miami (2009) and Los Angeles (2010) have joined the web magazine which recently added local editions in San Francisco and Texas.

A Must See!

This French Internet source of information could become quite useful for Canadians preparing for a trip south of the border or for those who are simply interested in Franco-American news.

Finally, since the site provides community and cultural information, it represents an undeniable tool for Francophones living on Uncle Sam’s land.

Visit the French Morning website, subscribe to the newsletter or visit their Facebook page and let me know what you think.

Good morning!

Philippe Daoust