Look no further, IDÉLLO has arrived!

idello_ogThe web is full of resources to help us to improve our proficiency in the French language we cherish. However, it’s easy to get lost amidst all the online tools available. As the French comedian Anne Roumanoff quipped about the Internet: "We don’t know that we want it all, but we find it all without even trying!”

But look no further: IDÉLLO has arrived! This comprehensive website, produced by the TFO Media Group, is a playful digital learning universe—sleek, immersive and welcoming. Whether you’re an educator, student or parent, here you’ll find everything you need to learn and master French (maths, social sciences and more) in a fun and colorful environment.

IDÉLLO presents quality content in a continually evolving and dynamic digital environment that guides students to expand their field of knowledge and develop essential skills for 21st century learning.

Thousands of resources!

Offered in both official languages, the new TFO Education interface allows users to access thousands of educational resources in French, acting as a rich and relevant bridge between school and home. It is also a real working environment that promotes and encourages exchanges between communities of users who share the same interests.


Whatever the platform—computer, tablet, smart phone, or interactive whiteboard—the IDÉLLO resources promote learning, interactivity and mobility. Learning communities and design-down pedagogy are trends that have fueled the development of this tool, and IDÉLLO continues to evolve with the changes affecting education.

Discover IDÉLLO today! I’ve created my own account in the "Parents" section, and I’ve already started my exploration. Now it’s your turn!