The Francomobile: an application that transports us!

francomobileLaunched last November, La Francomobile is an educational iPad app that carries beginners in French towards better oral and written comprehension. This application was developed specifically for youth aged 7 to 12 years by an expert team at TV5 Québec Canada. Why not climb aboard this one-of-a-kind vehicle!

Inside La Francomobile, we find forty video clips grouped into eight major themes surrounding the vocabulary of everyday life.

Children will feel at home and engaged in this mobile application, with more than 20 hours of intelligent games on their journeys with the endearing characters of the Cooper family!

The four members of the Cooper family, Thomas (Mathieu Jubinville), Nanette (Carmen Clement) and parents Bryan (Yannick Bisson) and Sandrine (Mary Anne Beaudette) go traveling. After a few hours away, Nanette, the youngest, discovers a strange creature, responsible for many technical problems: A +! The funny little computer virus attempts to communicate with Nanette and Thomas while enriching the vocabulary of young learners. Thus, La Francomobile easily consolidates multiple language concepts and structures through listening and interactivity.

Learn French while having fun!

La Francomobile has been designed to meet the needs of young learners of French as a second language, no matter their level. The application allows users to learn essential vocabulary to communicate in French in realistic, everyday situations.

Listening and reading is woven into a fun context. To motivate your child to persevere, La Francomobile is based on the principles of the video-gaming world: the more your child improves in French, the more powerful they become in the game.

"La Francomobile is the only application designed for 7 to 12 years based on an innovative learning strategy that involves both gaming and video,” explains Benoît Beaudoin, Director, Digital Content at TV5 Québec Canada. “Developed around North American cultural realities, the application is perfectly tailored to our educational programs. We are very proud of this initiative, the result of a pan-Canadian collaboration."

Francolab Junior

We can get aboard La Francomobile with the help of its big brother, Francolab, a web platform created in 2012 for the learning of French and developed especially for users aged 15 and over. Interactive applications, diverse audiovisual content, games and videos are designed for learning French as a second language in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Visit the App Store to download La Francomobile today!

Parents and teachers who want more information about La Francomobile can go to the junior section of Francolab.