Let’s stand in solidarity on International Women’s Day!

Today, Francophone women from across Canada will be joining women from all over the world to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Through social media campaigns, public lectures, rallies, performances and art, they will be working to make their voices heard, raising awareness about important issues affecting women today, and drawing attention to women’s contributions to our communities and society.

Francophone women’s mural project

In the meantime, artist and painter Isabelle St Laurent will be putting the finishing details on a mural project organized by the Femmes francophone de l’Ouest du Labrador (FFOL), a group dedicated to providing services and resources to Francophone women and girls of Western Labrador.  Reflecting the ideas of Labrador’s Francophone women and young women, the mural is a collective project that includes their personal touches.

As a part of events surrounding the RVF, the mural will be unveiled on March 22 at the Arts and Culture Centre of Labrador City, with later exhibits planned for elsewhere in the province.   It is certain to shine a light not only on Francophone women in Labrador, but the diversity and strength of all Francophone women living in minority contexts in Canada.


This International Women’s Day, the mural project in Labrador is a reminder of what can be achieved when diverse women with similar interests and goals join together in solidarity.

It is in this spirit that the Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne (AFFC) has organized the event, #ECHO8MARS, mobilizing all women of Canada, and the men who stand with them, to unite and denounce wage inequalities between genders.

Featuring a performance by the musician, Rayannah, the demonstration, beginning at 15:00 on Parliament Hill, is a part of a larger movement the AFFC has organized, L’Écho des Femmes.

Today, as we rise in solidarity to echo the same message across the country, may we—in exchanges with all linguistic communities—continue conversations with each other about the issues that affect women in Canada and beyond.  To join forces is to become unstoppable.

Kirsten McPherson, our English blogger

Francophile, English-speaking Canadian, Ontarian and eager to dialogue, Kirsten likes to see new perspectives when we build bridges between cultures.  She wants to celebrate and help strengthen our linguistic duality by exchanging ideas with our French blogger, Philippe. On this blog, they discuss topics related to the Canadian Francophonie by bringing together their distinctive vision thanks to their different identities, cultures and languages!

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