Join the echo as the AFFC mobilizes forces this International Women’s Day!

Women in Canada earn $0.87 for every dollar earned by men, Statistics Canada says.  And, while the wage gap stands out between men and women in the same occupation, annual salaries reveal even greater gender inequities within and between various job sectors.  Disparities are further pronounced among indigenous women and women of colour, and especially in Francophone minority communities where opportunities for French-speakers may be limited in the English-speaking majority.

It is these systemic problems that the Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne(AFFC) is seeking to tackle in the second incarnation of its national movement to defend women’s rights, l’Écho des femmes: ensemble pour l’équité.  This afternoon, the AFFC will be hosting the movement’s main event at Saint Paul University in Ottawa: a panel discussion on pay equity and other challenges that women face in the workplace.

To be preceded by a report from Statistics Canada, as well as a presentation from  CALACS francophone d’Ottawa that will showcase a collective artwork and swag to promote a culture of consent, the discussion itself promises to be both lively and frank. The panel will feature the perspectives of five women who reflect a broad range of experiences and backgrounds, including a union leader, academic, politician, and entrepreneur.

With a community fair planned to surround the event, various other organizations will also be in attendance. These organizations, the panelists and audience members will thus join together to echo the call to end gender inequities in the workplace and to explore solutions that would make that possible.

Let us also join that echo and listen to it resound, not only to raise awareness about the issues themselves, but to reconsider how such problems uniquely affect unique populations of women, and most importantly, to propose real solutions and a plan to enact them tomorrow.

For more information, follow the hashtag #ÉCHO8MARS

Kirsten McPherson