Official Languages in the Federal public service

The Official Languages Act (OLA) led to various initiatives that promote linguistic duality in the public service, ensuring the vitality of language minority communities and protecting the right of all Canadians receive federal services in either official language.

The Council of the Network of Official Language Champions is one such initiative, with its membership representing over 200 government agencies, including Air Canada, Parks Canada and the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation.  The Council has compiled over 500 tools, resources and best practices on official languages, an online collection including everything from samples of bilingual voicemail greetings and second language learning plans, to action plans and decision-making tools related to official languages.

In addition to providing the public with various tools to aid second language learning, the Translation Bureau also supports government officials and employees in meeting the OLA’s objectives.  Among its many initiatives is the Language Portal of Canada, an invaluable collection of resources—including games, glossaries, and grammar tips—to help improve French and English use.

Moreover, many institutions, like the RCMP, have developed their own toolkits and programs on official languages.  While RCMP employees are educated on their official language rights and obligations, bilingual officers are identified by their unique badge.

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