The Congrès Mondial Acadien 2019 is launched!

Starting today, August 10th, and until August 24th, thousands of Acadians and visitors from all around the world will gather in Prince Edward Island and in Southeast New Brunswick to participate to the 6th Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA). They will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of this event.

Acadian culture is contagious!

Acadians know how to receive their visitors. Those who have visited L’Acadie will approve: they are welcoming, they are proud of their territory, they know how to celebrate, they cultivate their roots with passion and they share with everybody their charming maritime accents.

The CMA exists for a quarter century and is held every five years. The 2019 edition will welcome thousands of people. Organizers are expecting 100,000 participants. This is a perfect opportunity for Acadians to show their openness to the world while sharing the Acadian pride to the entire planet!

“Our mission is to foster stronger ties between all Acadians, no matter where they’re from, and to promote l’Acadie in all corners of the world. Above all, we want to showcase an Acadie that is both modern and authentic. The 6th edition of the Congrès will be a good opportunity for our regions to demonstrate their strong attachment to the Acadian culture as well as their openness to the world. We have great ambitions for this CMA, and we are eager to welcome you to our home.” – CMA 2019 Organizing Committee

Pass, present and future

Acadians will salute their past, celebrate their present and think about their future. Discussions, reflections and exchanges are on the agenda. There will be, among other things, a large popular forum in Moncton from August 18th to 20th. The " Grand parle-ouère " of the CMA 2019 will address issues such as linguistic security, ecology, Acadian identity, education, economic development and Francophone immigration.

"This activity features an inviting, dynamic and interactive format. We really hope that people from everywhere will come and speak out on topics that affect them! I think it’s essential to do this work if we want to advance discussions on Acadie and, as is often said, this is what a CMA is all about.” – Claudette Thériault, Chair of the 2019 CMA Organizing Committee

Family reunions, intergenerational day, genealogy salon, Community Days and Women's Summit are just some of the other activities organized as part of CMA 2019.

Celebrating L’Acadie!

CMA 2019 will also present big Acadian parties and shows! In particular, on August 15 in Dieppe, the “Fête nationale de l’Acadie” show (National Acadian Day), which will follow the traditional Grand Tintamarre, will feature Radio Radio, Hilaire Hostesses, Clare County, Jeremy Dutcher, Marc à Paul at Jos, Pierre Kwenders, Roddie Romero, Joseph Edgar, The Hay Babies, Zachary Richard, Vishtèn, Maggie Savoie, Lisa LeBlanc, Edith Butler and the Greater Moncton Girls + Rock, 1755, Bois Joli, DJ Lu, Dance Troupe on August 15 and Jass-Sainte Bourque.

Then, the next day, downtown Moncton will be converted to host the Espace Extrême Frontière until August 23. Another big show celebrating 25 years of the CMA will be held in the evening featuring 1755, Les Méchants Maquereaux, Cayouche, Waylon Thibodeaux, Ronald Bourgeois, Donat Lacroix, Lennie Gallant, Jacques Surette, Annie Blanchard, Jason Guerrette and Zachary Richard.

For more information and to know all different programs of activities: go directly to the CMA 2019 official website!

Vive l’Acadie!