Education: New Brunswick wants to be the best in the world!

New Brunswick is about to reimagine its entire education system. This province wants his education system to be nothing less than the best in the world! In order to achieve this ambitious goal, an education summit was held last week by the government in Fredericton and a green paper on education was published.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has made it clear: "Our education system is a disaster" he said on the first day of the Education Summit. His entire speech left no doubt.

Mr. Higgs noted New Brunswick students' delays in literacy (reading and writing), mathematics and science. He also clearly questioned the effectiveness of French immersion: "Less than half of English-speaking students in grade 10 can have a conversation in French."

The tone was set for the Summit...

Green paper

Participants discussed several major issues during the Summit including the proposals contained in the green paper presented a few days earlier by the provincial Minister of Education.

"The goal is to have teachers, parents, students, the business community, professionals in early childhood and other New Brunswickers come together for a conversation about education that results in tangible, positive change. Some changes will be implemented quickly, some will take several years. If some areas of the education system are not included in this paper that does not mean they are not important." – Passage from Green Paper

The government wants New Brunswick to be among the top 10 in the world by 2030. All the population is also invited to join the conversation and share ideas.

Let's be creative!

Monique Boudreau, Executive Director of the District scolaire francophone Sud, was motivated after her participation to the New Brunswick Education Summit. In a message posted on the school district's website (in French), she asks her staff to be creative and to focus on gathering forces to help change the province's education system.

"(…) Plusieurs ont manifesté des inquiétudes, voire de la peur, face aux recommandations contenues dans le Livre vert. Quelques jours plus tard, à l’issue du Sommet sur l’éducation, j’ai senti, au contraire, l’enthousiasme et l’élan de la communauté scolaire francophone, désireuse de réimaginer l’éducation."

"(...) Il est important d’agir pour que nos élèves soient prêts pour répondre aux attentes de la société d’aujourd’hui et de demain."

"(…) Vous avez la chance et le pouvoir de contribuer à ce changement de cap en éducation, il s’agit d’une chance inouïe. Il faut croire en notre capacité à réimaginer l’éducation, alors soyons créatifs et allons-y!"

With the motto "Ici on change le monde" ("Here we change the world"), the District scolaire francophone Sud will certainly count on its students, parents, teachers, leaders and on the entire community to help New Brunswick’s education system rise to the top of the world!

Philippe Daoust