Introducing… Anu Boucher!

Anu boucher - Rendez-vous de la francophonie

RVF spokesperson, Anu Boucher, is passionate about the environment, community, and her Inuit culture. Along with co-spokesperson, Bernard Voyer, Anu will be at the centre of change with the RVF in 2020.

Anu (short for Anulik), was born and raised in Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet), a community of about 2,800 people in the Kivalliq region, on the west shore of Hudson Bay. Winters can be nine months long, and temperatures drop below -50°C at times, but Anu loves her hometown for its community feeling and the vastness of its landscape. Anu’s mother, Leonie, is an Inuk (singular for Inuit) who also grew up in Kangiqliniq, and her father, Yves, is a Quebecer from Rimouski.

Inuit survive in some of the world’s harshest climates by understanding their environment. Hunters carefully observe environmental changes, permafrost melt, changing wind patterns, and sea ice conditions.

As Anu says, “Inuit (along with other Indigenous groups), are the human face of climate change”.

After high school, Anu studied at Nunavut Arctic College. The Environmental Technology Program made her realize how much she loved being outside, sharing her knowledge and passion for Inuit culture and history. This led her to Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a unique Inuit studies program in Ottawa.

In the summers, she developed cultural activity programs with Nunavut Parks, learning how to pick plants to make tea, how to make fox traps out of rocks, and how to light a Qulliq (a traditional stone lamp). Eventually, she was able to teach these activities to others, and she felt her roots to her Inuit culture grow even deeper.

Anu hunts and fishes when she can, and also sews her own jackets, parkas, and mitts. She’s an accomplished curler, who represented Nunavut at two national championships, and is also a project coordinator at Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada in Ottawa.

Catherine Fisher, blogger