The Association de la presse francophone (APF) has good news for Canadians

I’ve been thinking about the value of news and journalism as I’ve been “social distancing” this week.

It has never been more important that Canadians have timely, reliable, truthful, and local news. The personal and collective decisions we make depend on it.

And the decisions we make do matter.

I have some good news about the news this week

The Association de la presse francophone (APF) has launched a free new platform that brings together engaging and relevant news stories from Official Language Minority Communities in almost every province and territory in Canada.

Anyone can access the portal. Just create a free account and you can read news, arts, sports, and other stories in French or English.

The project has been supported by the Collective Initiatives program of the Canada Periodical Fund of the Government of Canada.

Stay safe!

Catherine Fisher, blogger