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Have you filled out your census form?

Every five years, Canadians are asked to participate in the census and their answers decide things like which Canadian communities receive a new school or hospital and how much money the federal government sends to the provinces and territories for health care.

As my fellow blogger, Vanessa Lisabelle, said last week, this year’s census asks Canadians to answer some important (and new) questions about language. 

The Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA) is running a national campaign to explain the importance of answering these questions. FCFA President Jean Johnson says that it’s very important that people answer these questions “in a way that most accurately represents the place of French in their homes." 

The information collected will impact the daily life of many Canadians. Governments, municipalities, and Francophone organizations and associations will use it to plan where and how to provide many services - including French-language schools. 

This information will be made available in 2022.

Catherine Fisher, blogger