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Becoming bilingual

Categories: Bilingualism

One year ago today I began to study French. Or maybe more accurately, “began again” since I learned some basics in school. I had lunch with a friend last November, and she told me that she was using Duolingo, a language-learning website/app to learn Spanish. I’d been thinking for a while about improving my French,

FLS Bursary Program

Presentation of the FLS Bursary Program.

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ACUFC bursary program is now open to students

English-speaking students who want to study in French may be eligible for a $3,000 bursary courtesy of the Government of Canada.  Administered by the Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC), these 850 bursaries encourage English-speaking students attending university to pursue their post-secondary studies in French, their second official language.  The bursaries

language portal of canada

Hello fellow word nerds

As my RVF blogger-counterpart Vanessa Lisabelle has said, COVID 19 has shifted the RVF into 2.0 mode. If you have some extra time as you are practicing social distancing, have a look at the Language Portal of Canada’s Our Languages Blog. The OLB covers a vast (metaphorical) territory and explores all facets of language —

The Association de la presse francophone (APF) has good news for Canadians

I’ve been thinking about the value of news and journalism as I’ve been “social distancing” this week. It has never been more important that Canadians have timely, reliable, truthful, and local news. The personal and collective decisions we make depend on it. And the decisions we make do matter. I have some good news about

histoire francophonie canadienne

Canada was originally a French-speaking country. Now, it’s largely Anglophone. What happened?

Canada, which for a long time was completely Francophone, is largely Anglophone today. This shift was the result of several conscious and deliberate choices on the part of France! It was not in fact the English who were primarily responsible. An exemplary queen First of all, it should be noted that Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s head

visuel blogue portail 5 mars

The Language Portal of Canada: Supporting you in your job search

When you apply for a job, you want to make the best possible impression, not only to spark the selection committee’s interest but also to demonstrate how well you write. Have you thought about using the Language Portal of Canada’s resources to help you avoid language pitfalls and write more effectively? The Language Portal is

alberta projet bonjour mon ami

Oki Napi – Bonjour mon ami!

Students in southern Alberta schools are learning about art and the region’s Indigenous history and culture with the help of an innovative two-year project. Oki Napi – Bonjour mon ami! aims to build relationships and encourage exchanges between students and Indigenous people in 14 schools in the FrancoSud School District as a part of Alberta’s


Exciting news for English-speaking postsecondary students in Canada!

English-speaking students who want to pursue their postsecondary studies in French will soon be able to apply for a $3,000 non-renewable bursary to support their first year of college or undergraduate studies. Starting in April, 850 bursaries will be offered at a variety of postsecondary institutions all over the country. The Bursaries for Postsecondary Studies


Econova, a new way of education

Our theme this year is Rendez-vous de la Francophonie: at the heart of a change, and we’ll be featuring people, programs, and organizations at the heart of environmental, social, cultural, and community change all year long.   Let’s look to Canada’s west coast! EcoNova is an innovative program transforming environmental education into a living experience