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Why Learn French?

Those, like me, whose first language is French, know that it’s not the easiest language to master. French is a complex language, and the effort needed to speak and write it correctly is considerable. So what motivates allophones to choose French as a second language? Are they all masochists?! While surfing the Web, I came

Young Anglophones and the Call of the French Language

It is well known that bilingualism provides opportunities whether they be personal or professional. Mastering both English and French can lead to a fuller life and a flourishing career. For Justin Morrow, founder and CEO of the Canadian Youth for French (CYF) association, young Anglophones across the country have a vested interest in learning French

Chiac as Official Language?

Today I present you with a report that may just be the answer to eliminating the high costs of bilingualism in the country! Has the Société Radio-Canada found the miracle solution for uniting our two linguistic communities? Let’s keep smiling and explore the possibilities! It’s clear that if everyone spoke the same language, Canadians could

A Dubious Title, n’est-CE pas?

This morning’s Ottawa Sun’s front page featured a title for an article regarding the price of French-language services in Ontario: “C’EST CHER, N’EST PAS?”. In addition to containing a grammatical error as big as the title itself, it sends a thinly disguised message that bilingualism expenses are too high. One can debate the relevance of