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May 15th, Yukon Francophonie Day

On May 15th, residents of Yukon celebrated Journée de la francophonie yukonnaise, a day that recognizes the contributions of Francophones to the territory. French Canadians and francophone Métis first settled on the lands of the Gwich’in, Hän, Kaska, Tutchone, Tagish, Tanana, and Tlingit people almost 200 years ago. These first visitors were fur traders working

Sauvons Saint-Jean – standing beside Franco-Albertans

The only Francophone university in Alberta may need to cut 44% of its programs and this will have ripple effects throughout the Canadian Francophone community. Isabelle Laurin, the director of L’Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta (ACFA), said that budget cuts to the Campus Saint-Jean, the University of Alberta’s French-language campus, touch the heart of the province’s

Francophones and Francophiles, it’s time for a slam…

The third edition of Slame tes accents is happening now.  This international competition, put on by the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques, invites Francophone teachers and students from all over the Americas to create a “slam poetry” video reflecting the diversity and multiplicity of French accents in the Americas. You can watch the 60-to-90

FLS Bursary Program

Presentation of the FLS Bursary Program.

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ACUFC bursary program is now open to students

English-speaking students who want to study in French may be eligible for a $3,000 bursary courtesy of the Government of Canada.  Administered by the Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC), these 850 bursaries encourage English-speaking students attending university to pursue their post-secondary studies in French, their second official language.  The bursaries

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“Bibliodiversity” in Quebec’s book industry

April 23 was UNESCO’s World Book Day, so I’ve had a look at Quebec’s French-language book industry.  Would it surprise you to hear that French-language Canadian books outsell English-language Canadian books two-to-one? Why is this?  It has a lot to do with Quebec’s effective cultural policies.  Quebec isn’t the only province that publishes and sells

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The Université de l’Ontario français in the news

The Université de l’Ontario français (UOF) is another step closer to opening.  This week the university’s board of directors named André Roy as the UOF’s new president. Roy, who is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Concordia University, will start in the job on August 1st. Over the coming months, Roy and his team

journée du cinéma canadien

A day to enjoy Canadian cinema at home

April 22 is National Canadian Film Day / La Journée du cinéma canadien, a festival to celebrate the incredible achievements of our nation’s filmmakers. Due to COVID-19, the festival will be presented online this year. Here are some highlights of this year’s festival: ANTIGONE: Born in Rivière-du-Loup, director Sophie Deraspe is a leading figure in

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The cabane à sucre must go on

Mi’kmaq, Abenaki, Haudenosaunee, and other Indigenous peoples have enjoyed the sweet sap of the sugar maple tree for millennia. Over three centuries ago, French settlers learned from Indigenous people how to tap trees and boil their maple water down to a syrup used to cure meat. Maple syrup and celebrating le temps des sucres with

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Linguistic security: a stepping stone to progress

Back in the early 1980s, my grade seven French teacher, Mr. Belcourt (who was from Quebec) made a point of telling us that the Alberta school curriculum required him to teach us what he called “Parisian French” and not his own French, the French he learned in his home province. I wonder now how he