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Louis-José Houde is out to Conquer the Country’s Francophone Communities

Just back from France, the Quebec comedian Louis-José Houde is out to conquer his French speaking fans over the course of the coming weeks. His journey takes him outside of Quebec to the Maritimes, the Prairies and Western Canada where he will perform his show in a dozen of mostly francophone communities. I love Louis-José,

Chiac as Official Language?

Today I present you with a report that may just be the answer to eliminating the high costs of bilingualism in the country! Has the Société Radio-Canada found the miracle solution for uniting our two linguistic communities? Let’s keep smiling and explore the possibilities! It’s clear that if everyone spoke the same language, Canadians could

French Kiss: Question of language

Dear readers, you will need to be receptive and open-minded because today I’m puckering-up and offering you all a French kiss! Don’t worry; it’s just a manner of speaking. But who would pass up a French kiss? Has anyone ever explored the link between the French language and a kiss? Have you ever wondered where

Francophilie: Sick With Love

I woke up this morning with strange symptoms. My head was filled with words and though I felt fine I had a warm fuzzy sensation in my heart. After a brief consultation with Dr. Petit Robert, I quickly realized I was probably suffering from a serious illness: Francophilie. Even worse, I was rapidly become a