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National Francophone Immigration Week: Celebrate a thousand flavours of the Francophonie

Community soccer matches, potlucks, dinners, film screenings, art exhibitions, book launches, school celebrations, round tables, musical performances, radio interviews, trivia/games nights…these are just some of the ways that Canadian communities will celebrate National Francophone Immigration Week, held this year between November 7th and 13th. This year’s theme is une francophonie aux mille saveurs (a thousand flavours

Happy International Day of the Francophonie!

The International Day of the Francophonie, March 20th, has been celebrated all over the world for more than 50 years. On March 20th, 1970, 21 state governments (including Canada and Quebec) came together in Niamey, Niger, to sign an international convention to promote cultural and technological exchanges among French-speaking countries. Over the coming decades, the

Let’s celebrate La Francophonie around the world

On March 20, Air Canada is proud to join some 300 million Francophones around the world in celebrating International Francophonie Day. As the national carrier and one of the country’s largest bilingual private companies in the country, Air Canada is proud to offer services in both official languages at home and around the world. We

National Francophone Immigration Week, 2020

The Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA) du canada wants Francophones, Acadians, and Francophiles to recognize the richness of the diversity of accents, cultures, ethnicities, and histories of the Francophonie, and to show their common will to fight racism.   It’s Canada’s 8th National Francophone Immigration Week, and this year’s theme is, appropriately, Ma

Building the future of the Francophonie together

What does it mean to be French-speaking today and what will it mean tomorrow? How can La Francophonie respond to the challenges facing the planet: living together in harmony, protecting the environment, providing access to education and digital technology, creating jobs, and supporting peace and equality between women and men? The Organisation Internationale de la

journée internationale de la francophonie

Bonne Journée de la Francophonie to all today!

Today is International Francophonie Day. It’s a day that celebrates the power of the French language(s) to bring peoples and cultures together as a tool for mutual understanding and peace. Today is also the 50th anniversary of the event which inspired this celebration. On March 20th, 1970, 21 state governments (including Canada) came together in

The Congrès Mondial Acadien 2019 is launched!

Starting today, August 10th, and until August 24th, thousands of Acadians and visitors from all around the world will gather in Prince Edward Island and in Southeast New Brunswick to participate to the 6th Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA). They will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of this event. Acadian culture is contagious! Acadians know how

Discover communities of the Congrès Mondial Acadien 2019!

The 6th edition of the Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) is now well started! Until August 24th, Acadians from all around the world will gather in about 20 Acadian communities in Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick.

In this video we are invited to discover these communities that inspire Acadian pride in both hosting regions.

For more information about CMA 2019 and to consult the program of activities, visit the CMA official website (information in English and French).

Bon Congrès!

Stay tuned for some surprises tomorrow as you celebrate the Francophonie today!

Shared by over 274 million people worldwide and one of the only two languages spoken on all continents, French is one of the world’s most influential languages. It is also the second-most studied language in the world and, as an official language of countless international bodies, it is used far and wide in the realms

Join the echo as the AFFC mobilizes forces this International Women’s Day!

Women in Canada earn $0.87 for every dollar earned by men, Statistics Canada says.  And, while the wage gap stands out between men and women in the same occupation, annual salaries reveal even greater gender inequities within and between various job sectors.  Disparities are further pronounced among indigenous women and women of colour, and especially