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Poutine! Tripante! Cabane!

Have you seen Tourism Québec’s advertisement aimed at attracting our French overseas cousins by boasting Québec’s winter beauty? The video is refreshing because it emphasis the uniqueness of the French language within Québec, making it an experience in itself. Advertising designers really hit the mark by portraying loud and clear québécismes too often overlooked. The

Exceptional Francophones

Last week, the Conseil supérieur de la langue française honored seven Francophones by awarding them the Ordre des francophones des Amériques. The ceremony also served as a platform for highlighting the contribution of a francophone organization and for awarding a literary prize to a Canadian writer. Whether through their professional involvement, through their artistic vision

Francophone fix

Like me, you may sometimes be in need of a Francophone fix. I want to discover more about the French-speaking artistic world, but I don’t always know where to find what I’m looking for. Problem solved! Apple is now jumping on the Francophone bandwagon with an iTunes new special section featuring Francophone items. Click here

What’s Your French Anthem?

French is spoken by 220 million people worldwide. I wonder what our Francophone anthem would be if we were all from the same nation. Personally, I’ve made my choice. As mentioned on this blog a few months ago, in my article entitled Building Bridges Across the Atlantic Through French Song, Yves Duteil’s “La langue de

To Your Screens!

Are you passionate about what’s happening on the international Francophonie scene? Would you like to be able to view French audiovisual streaming content? This morning I discovered a website that offers streaming content about Francophones from around the world. Visit this website to discover Francophonie24 an online television station that contains archived video reports available

The French Language Goes Home Empty Handed?

Welcome / Bienvenue, Here’s a bilingual blog post regarding the place reserved to the French language at the 2012 London Olympic Games. / Voici un billet bilingue à propos de la place du français aux Jeux Olympiques de Londres 2012. If we follow the example of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), simultaneous translation of this

The Carnet de la Francophonie a Shining Beacon Across the Continent

A project aimed at unifying Francophones from all over the continent is underway for the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques (CFA). Organizations can now register to be included in the Carnet de la francophonie des Amériques which will be launched next month. Here is a promotional video of this unifying project. What a great

Ensuring the Survival of the Language by Importing Teachers

In some parts of the world, the French language is threatened more than elsewhere. According to Jobboom Magazine, such is the case in Louisiana, where the Cajun heritage is hanging by a thread. Surrounded by an Anglophone empire in the heart of the United States, the Franco-American culture must call upon teachers from elsewhere in

Half of a Continent

It recently dawned on me, as I looked at families around me, that the future of the Francophonie is not necessarily found in our own country. With an average of fewer than two children per family, it is clear that we must look abroad to ensure the long-term survival of the French language around the

Your Francophone Ticket to the 2012 Olympics!

Do you want to remain informed about the performance of Francophone athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games? Do you want to know all that is happening in French in the United Kingdom? The website is undoubtedly your ticket to this year’s Olympics! Showcasing the presence of the French language at the Olympic Games,