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What’s the Best French Accent?

French is spoken in many ways across the country. It brings with it the sounds of different accents which add to the richness of the language and the Francophone culture in Canada. What do you think is the most beautiful French accent? When we listen to the news, whether on the radio or television, we

Franglish: a Parisian Concept Worth Discovering

Who isn’t familiar with the concept of speed dating, these sessions where singles meet for just a few minutes? You may or may not like the concept, but these types of meetings are growing in popularity around the world. Today I discovered the concept of Franglish, a Parisian languages speed dating activity worth discovering! Maybe

Planting Our Roots

I’m always amazed at how popular Canadian artists are abroad. It’s quite impressive to discover the number of Francophone artists that become famous in Europe and the United States. A recent headline caught my attention: “Les Français se sont approprié nos chansons” – The Cowboy Fringants. Then Monsieur Larzhar, the Oscar-nominated Canadian film directed by Philippe

French: Difficult Language?

We often hear that French is a difficult language. But is it just a difficult language to learn or is it also difficult to love? Its many exceptions, complex grammar, reformed spelling and difficult punctuation scare quite a few. However there are many, who like me, love the French language in all its complexity. “Exception:

French Web Series in the Spotlight

If you think that soap operas, series or documentaries are just for TV, think again! With the appearance of web series, audiovisual productions are leaving the small screen for even smaller screens. The emergence of new media favors the creation of non-traditional means of communication and showcases the talent of Canadian creators. TV5 Québec Canada

Building Bridges Across the Atlantic Through French Song

No one could have said it better than Yves Duteil in his song “La langue de chez nous”… “It’s a beautiful language, who’s words are superb and who’s history is shared through its accents…”  His words, hummed for the first time more than 25 years ago still resound today in the heads and in the

The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie in Belgium: the Artists are the Real Winners

In addition to promoting exchanges between participants from different French speaking communities around the world, the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie’s  “Pairing Francophone Communities” mission helps build economic, social, educational, tourism and cultural bridges. The most recent mission sent representatives from the city of Gatineau and the Acadian community of New Brunswick to the province of