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French: Difficult Language?

We often hear that French is a difficult language. But is it just a difficult language to learn or is it also difficult to love? Its many exceptions, complex grammar, reformed spelling and difficult punctuation scare quite a few. However there are many, who like me, love the French language in all its complexity. “Exception:

Francophilie: Sick With Love

I woke up this morning with strange symptoms. My head was filled with words and though I felt fine I had a warm fuzzy sensation in my heart. After a brief consultation with Dr. Petit Robert, I quickly realized I was probably suffering from a serious illness: Francophilie. Even worse, I was rapidly become a

The Organisation Behind the Celebration

The Rendez-vous de la Francohponie (RVF) is a huge celebration that brings together Francophones, Francophiles, Anglophones and Allophones from all over the country. Every year during the two weeks surrounding the Journée internationale de la Francophonie (March 20th), hundreds of activities are organised throughout the provinces and territories of Canada. People gather together to share