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Language duality in Canada: the power of French immersion

A text from Jill LeBlanc, French Immersion Language Arts Leader, Grades 7-12 for the Prince Edward Island Department of Education When we speak about linguistic duality in Canada, we acknowledge its value as “a cornerstone of our national identity” (OCOL). It represents both a great source of pride and a significant growth opportunity for each

Contests: RVF 2021 winners!

APF-RVF 2021 Affiches-Toi contest 1st prize: Train trip for 4 people with VIA Rail Mme Claire T. Forcier (Hearst, ON)  2nd prize: IPAD Manon Lily Gaillard  (Winnipeg, MB) Jocelyne Lalonde (Hawkesbury, ON) Linda Legere, Saint John, NB) Tania Villeneuve (Hearst, ON) Kitchen Party « Young Chef » Category Winner : Carrot cake – Chloé Gauvreau (Edmonton, AB) Prize: Train trip for

Common Law and Civil Code: Canada’s legal system

  I’m taking a law course at the University of Calgary and am learning more about Canada’s legal system, which is based on both English and French systems, brought to Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries by colonists.  Common law is law that is not written down as legislation. It has evolved into a

My colleague, Vanessa, writes about Acadia

My RVF blogging colleague, Vanessa Lisabelle, has written some great posts about Acadia during this month of the Francophonie so I wanted to share an English description of them.  Her latest blog, Les Acadiens, pas juste en Acadie! (Acadians, not just in Acadia!)  describes how, after the Great Upheaval of the 1750s, Acadians settled in

The future belongs to those who struggle: A history of Le Droit

This week I decided to delve into Franco-Ontarian history. 108 years ago this week, the Ottawa-based newspaper, Le Droit, published its first issue. The paper was started by Charles Charlebois, Arthur Joyal, and a group of Oblate and Dominican priests calling themselves the “Association d’Education d’Ontario”. They were responding to a crisis; the imposition of

Spend your weekend with the RVF

The RVF is hosting two web events this Saturday to celebrate the International Day of the Francophonie. In the afternoon, a free webinar called La Francophonie canadienne à l’international will include a discussion about the Canadian Francophonie and how it participates in the Francophonie internationally. Many people are aware that Quebec is very active internationally,

Stand out!

We’re all looking for ways to stand out, whether at work or at school. Deepening your knowledge of your mother tongue and improving your second language skills will make you an integral part of any organization and improve your chances of getting your dream job or a promotion. While writing may seem like something minor,

Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2021: Acadia, at the heart of my country!

On January 25th was the pre-launch of the 23rd edition of Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF). The Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue is proud to unveil the theme, spokespersons and main contest of the 2021 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, which will be held from March 1 to 31, 2021. Through the 2021 RVF celebrations, we will highlight

The Commissioner of Official Languages releases his annual report

 In his 2019-2020 report to the Parliament of Canada, Raymond Théberge, Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages, identified common challenges Canadians face in exercising their official language rights and recommended actions to fix these.  The challenges he identified include the right to vote or to receive services from the federal government in their preferred official language,

Canadians are #BetterTogether

Thursday, Sept 10th is Linguistic Duality Day, a day for Canadians to celebrate our rich heritage and future as a bilingual country. The Linguistic Duality Network (LDN) comprises three organizations that have linguistic duality as a core value: Canadian Parents for French, French for the Future, and the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue. The LDN