On the tip of my tongue
Congratulations Christine Deschênes from Québec, who won the trip to Geneva in 2019

The new contest presented by the Language Portal of Canada and Air Canada will be posted in 2020.

In the meantime, have fun trying to answer the riddles!

To participate in the contest, watch the video clip below, and answer the riddle that was asked.

A computer technology riddle

My first part is a device used to amplify the human voice.
My second part is something you wear at the spa.
My third part involves preparing forest trees for processing.
My whole is the action of posting short messages to an online audience.

Important! To be entered in the contest, you must provide the correct answer.

You can find the answer in the blog post “Five new words for tech buffs” on the Language Portal of Canada’s Our Languages blog. Click on the button below to open the blog post in a new tab.


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Winners will be announced shortly.

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