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The spelling challenge is prepared annually by the Language Portal of Canada team. (The Language Portal is an initiative of the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada.)

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Here are the answers to the spelling challenge:

Canadian regionalisms

The year 2019 is the 50th anniversery / anniversary of the Official Languages Act. English, one of Canada’s two official languages, has evolved grately / greatly over the centuries / senturies. It has borrowed many words, like “rapids” and “toque” from French or “toboggan” and “igloo” from Indigenous languages.

Different communities have also developed different words for the same idea. For instance / instants, people in the Prairies spend weekends at the cabin, and Ontarians at the cottage, while / wile Quebeckers head to the chalet and Cape Bretoners to the bungalow!

The mane / main reason for these differences is the presence of so many language groups within our borders / boarders. Indigenous peoples have inhabited North America since time immemorial / immemmorial. The French settled in Canada in the 1600s. Thousands of Irish and Scots emmigrated / emigrated to the New World in the 1800s. And the 20th century saw a tied / tide of newcomers from many nations.

Contact with French and other languages has thus enriched Canadian English.

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