The spelling challenge is prepared annually by the Language Portal of Canada team. (The Language Portal is an initiative of the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada.)

You have to click on the word or group of words that is correctly written in each of the ten pairs indicated in bold letters, for a chance to win $1,000!

Congratulations to Josée Martel, who participated in the 2018 spelling challenge and won $1000!

The 2019 spelling challenge will be available in January.

Here are the answers to the spelling challenge:


Entrepreneurship is alive and thriving among young Canadian Francophones! In fact, young French-speakers / French speakers are among the 430,000 Francophone entrepreneurs that contribute to the Canadian business landscape.

In Prince Edward Island, Francophone youth aged 8 to 16 take part in the Young Millionnaires / Millionaires Program, producing items such as tie-died / tie-dyed T-shirts and plaques for hanging medals / metals, and even raising / razingchickens! From Calgary, Alberta, and St. Boniface, Manitoba, all the way to Yellowknife in the Northwest / North West Territories, young achievers / acheivers under 40 run start-ups in elds as divers / diverse as fashion, food and handyperson services.

It’s a creative economy, and these innovators are using their imagination to change the way things are done / dun. Not only are they contributing to the economic vitality of the country, but there / they’re inspiring others and giving back to their communities and to Canada!

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