Mauril App

Mauril is a free digital platform that helps users improve English and French oral comprehension, using a wide range of stimulating and entertaining content from CBC/Radio-Canada. The platform was named after the Honourable Mauril Bélanger, the former Member of Parliament for Ottawa–Vanier and a strong supporter of Canada’s official languages.


Content includes news, public affairs, magazines, documentaries, variety, comedy, fiction and so much more. Learners are exposed to a wide range of topics through fulllength episodes or clips of TV and radio shows, web series and podcasts, which are accompanied by comprehension questions that help users explore diverse vocabulary with regional influences from across the country.

Mauril takes users on a fun journey from one level of learning to another, with words of encouragement and rewards along the way. Users are also invited to take part in a series of activities, in the form of challenges, so they can apply what they’ve learned to everyday situations.

The platform is funded and sponsored by the Government of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages. CBC/Radio-Canada designed the platform and operates it in collaboration with a pan-Canadian advisory committee. For the purpose of ensuring insightful, informed and innovative perspectives, the committee is composed of experts in education and linguistics whose fields of expertise are complementary.

The pedagogical approach is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, one of the project’s collaborators.

Mauril offers a unique approach to language learning that is based on the Canadian context and intended for those interested in discovering another language and better understanding the richness and many nuances of this vast country’s cultural mosaic.

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