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Activities for all ages!

As you’ve seen in the preceding pages, there’s a lot going on in the Canadian Francophonie. Dozens of organizations have organized projects, events and contests to be held throughout the year with the aim of bringing the various communities together and encouraging open-mindedness. Here are some RVF partner initiatives that will surely interest you!

Is your accent better than mine?

The idea that there is only one way to speak, write or use French is still widespread.  The Stratégie nationale pour la sécurité linguistique [National strategy for linguistic security] has come up with some solutions to ensure that everyone can express themselves in French with confidence and pride, so that the various accents reflect the diversity that exists among communities that are unique and united by their language. The Stratégie is an initiative of the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française.

Books to suit every taste!

Discover a huge selection of French-Canadian books for every taste. The Regroupement des éditeurs franco-canadiens (REFC) is an association of 16 Francophone publishers across Canada. Each year, its members publish a large number of titles in all major genres: novels, short story collections, novels for children and young adults, picture books, poetry, essays, comics. You can find all the published titles, reading lists, interviews with authors and much more on the REFC website.

Seniors with open hearts

Until March 31, the Fédération des aînés et aînées francophones du Canada (FAAFC) invites you to participate in the contest “Le legs de nos artistes francophones de 50 ans et plus” (The legacy of our Francophone artists age 50 and over). Take a look at the videos showcasing artistic talent as well as the participants’ personal vignettes at Then click on “Like” to vote for your favourite talent videos. This contest promotes the expertise, knowledge and skills of Canada’s Francophone seniors, as well as the French language and Francophone and Acadian culture.

Let’s play outdoors from coast to coast to coast!

Parks Canada welcomes you to its national parks, national marine conservation areas and national heritage sites! Whether you’re looking for a fully-serviced campsite, roofed accommodation, a guided hike or a remote backcountry adventure, plan your experience and travel with peace of mind to your dream location. A Canadian activity in the great outdoors for all generations!

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