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Every year, Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie chooses a national theme that is central to the major activities for that year’s edition. In 2020, the RVF slogan targets various aspects of the environment, such as climate change, along with the social, community and cultural environments:

Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, at the heart of change.

What is the link with the Francophonie and the French language and culture? The human factor. Our way of looking at things and our degree of open-mindedness have a direct impact on our attitude towards the environment and everything around us.

The RVF encourages you to become more socially conscious and more attentive to the significant challenges faced by minority groups every day. And this social consciousness can be applied to everything – nature, the environment, other cultures, etc. In short, a sustainable environment depends upon a society that is concerned with all that is human, including language.

The 2020 RVF wishes to show that the Francophonie, in its own way, is leaving a positive environmental footprint for the future. Have you thought about what kind of footprint you will leave?

This year’s visual concept

Change forces us to see things differently and to take action; but above all, it gives us the opportunity to build anew, to shape a better world. The sculpted hand made of metal wires symbolizes the importance of connectivity within our society and between communities, regions and cultures, in the effort to forge something solid and lasting. Every link or connector helps to make the whole stronger and to imbue it with power, height and depth.
In the background is a fresco of everyday objects that have been repurposed (and that would otherwise have become trash). This fresco serves as the backdrop for the major graphic elements in the poster.
At the top, the turtles add a whimsical touch: like coloured confetti, they slip from the fingers of the hand. As if the hand were the springboard of life – life that takes wing and disperses.

RVF 2020 Teaser ad

making of - 2020 poster

The translation and revision were done in partnership with the Language Portal of Canada (an initiative of the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada).