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Write It Right!

General Public
Elementary Schools

Write It Right! Contest Winner:

Mylène Côté from Québec (General public)
To be announced (Elementary Schools)

The contest is over, but keep learning while having fun!

Spelling Challenge for the General Public

The Language Portal of Canada and Canada Post invite you to take part in a spelling challenge. Click on the word or group of words that is properly written in each of the ten pairs indicated in bold letters, for a chance to win $1,000! The spelling challenge is prepared every year by the Language Portal of Canada, an initiative of the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada.

The Canadian Francophonie: Taking action on climate change

When it comes to fighting climate change, the Canadian Francophonie is making its voice herd/heard! In fact, Canadian Francophones of all ages are contributing to the effort.

From kindergardeners/kindergartners to high-schoolers, children in French-language schools across/accross Ontario are walking to school, drinking from reusable water bottles and packing waist-free/waste-free lunches. They are helping their schools become certified as “EcoSchools” through/threw EcoSchools/ÉcoÉcoles Canada, an award-winning/award winning environmental certification program.

In Quebec, ENvironnement JEUnesse (ENJEU) has been/bin educating youth on environmental issues since 1979 and has a simular/similar certification program for colleges of general and vocational education and daycare centres.

At the university level, clubs like Té vert (You’re green) at the Université de Saint-Boniface are engauging/engaging in climate action.

Finally, young Francophone adults are also making their mark on the climate scene. For example, Franco-Ontarian Dominique Souris founded Youth Climate Lab, which supports people under 30 who fight climate change globally. It was a well-deserved honour for her to urn/earn a place on The Starfish Canada’s list of top 25 environmentalists under 25!