Québec welcomes an average of 45,000 immigrants each year from a hundred different countries.
Over 80% of Québec’s inhabitants speak French as their first official language.
Québec’s only official language is French.



The Ministère de l’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion has a website that answers most of the questions commonly asked by future immigrants. To find out whether Québec is right for you, explore the various sections of the site, which explain common values, quality of life, the economy and daily life.
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Discover the four seasons of Québec: summer, fall, winter and spring.
Take advantage of summer to explore Québec’s tourism routes. Quebecers take every opportunity in the summer to celebrate. In every direction and every region, you will find people celebrating music, song, dance, humour or local products!
An explosion of colour, scent and flavour heralds the arrival of fall. By the end of September, the forests are donning warm colours: red, orange, gold… The orchards and vineyards are heavy with fruit, and the skies are a grandiose sight, filled with flocks of geese making their way south before winter.
From November to March, Québec moves to the beat of an invigorating season. And since the snow doesn’t last forever, it’s best to take advantage of it while it’s falling! Frost, drifting snow, deep freeze or brilliant sunshine – it is all an excuse for adventure, entertainment and celebration.
And what excitement when the first days of spring arrive, around mid-March! Following Aboriginal tradition, the first colonists learned to tap the sugar maples and boil down the sap to a rich syrup, much-coveted for its flavour and colour. This seasonal ritual has given birth to an extraordinary culinary tradition and a flourishing industry.
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French second language – immersion

When immigrants arrive in Québec, they have access to a variety of free French courses. Financial assistance is also offered to make it easier for them to attend classes. There are also many courses given directly online.