Almost time to go (art) camping!

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Need a great summer camp idea? 

If you’re in Manitoba, the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain (CCFM) has announced their camp options (all in French!) and they sound like a lot of fun. 

The first one that caught my eye was the camp de CRÉATION SONORE, for youth who are interested in developing new technical, musical, and creative skills in the field of sound. No previous experience is necessary and this camp option is FREE. Youth aged 13 to 18 will develop mixing, arranging, composing, and sound manipulation skills. I would have loved this camp as a child!

L’école des sorciers offers youth aged 10 to 13 a chance to discover the magical world of wizards. Activities include magic wand making and creating mythical animals. Youth are encouraged to bring their wizard hat. 

The CCFM’s Street Art camp will be a week full of tagging, wheatpasting, drip painting, and stencilling for youth aged 10 to 13..  

At the sous l’océan camp, children 6-9 will imagine and recreate the ocean in the art room using many artistic practices: drawing, painting, paper mache, collage, and even “slime”.

Image: Camp de CRÉATION SONORE, CCFM website

Catherine Fisher, blogger