BC introduces a French-language policy

The province of B.C. has just introduced a French-language policy that will enhance government services for French-speaking residents. 

I live in B.C. and, I must say, I was surprised to hear the news that B.C. was Canada’s last province or territory to develop a policy on French-language services. B.C. has the third-largest number of French speakers in Canada after Quebec and Ontario; 6.6% of B.C.’s population can converse in French, and more than 1.5% of residents speak French regularly at home. 

The policy requires all BC government ministries to consider the needs and priorities of Francophones and to proceed incrementally to provide services in French as resources allow. The government will develop an implementation plan in collaboration with francophone partners, and the policy will come into effect on April 1, 2024. 

Image: Franco-Columbian Flag

Catherine Fisher, blogger