The SOLMP: Learning more about Canada official language minorities

priscilla du preez BjhUu6BpUZA unsplash

Over the next six months, the Canadian government will learn more about the needs and experiences of Canada’s English- and French-speaking minorities.

The Survey on the Official Language Minority Population, a follow-up to Canada’s 2021 census, asks 57,000 Canadians questions about language, education, early childhood, experiences with health and government services, sense of belonging, and more. 

The results will be integrated with the 2021 population census and used to improve the capacity of schools, early childhood education, health care, government services, and arts and culture initiatives, so these can better serve Canadians in the official language of their choice. Results will be available to us in 2024/2025.

Statistics Canada continues to expand on the language data it collects and I think that’s a great thing. It helps us better understand our country and the services and programs we all need. 


Image: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Catherine Fisher, blogger