Tout pour la musique back for year four!

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June 24th is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, and it’s also the launch of the fourth annual Tout pour la musique. Tout pour la Musique is an online event that celebrates some of our country’s most accomplished artists and invites all Canadians, regardless of mother tongue, to come together and show their pride in and solidarity with the Francophonie. This year’s event will be recorded in Calgary at the beautiful Studio Bell: Home of the National Music Centre. If you are lucky enough to live in Calgary, you can attend the recording in person. 

Tout pour la Musique is a project of Winnipeg-based Productions Rivard and broadcasts each year on Unis TV. It is presented by the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Government of Canada. 

I’ll write more about the details soon, but in the meantime, have a look at the preliminary lineup of artists on tplm’s Facebook page

Catherine Fisher, blogger