Devenez EXPERTS en erreurs!

TFO school presentation

It’s said that “to err is human”! But making mistakes can also create a lot of anxiety, particularly for teens.

In collaboration with TFO, Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie presented “Devenez EXPERTS en erreurs!,” a presentation for schools, featuring Simon Cousineau and Daniel Nadon. Missed it? It will soon be available on In the meantime, RVF invites you to view the various episodes of the Échec&Moi series, which celebrates mistakes by shattering the myths surrounding perfection and tackles the performance anxiety felt by teens!

Teaching Guide

Intended for teachers of French classes at the secondary level, this guide addresses crucial topics related to virtual conferencing and mental health, such as language insecurity, stress and anxiety, perfectionism and the tendency to ridicule failures.

“I used to think perfectionism was a good thing, but during filming it was really detrimental. All of my insecurities came out. I was worried I wasn’t good enough or funny enough or that I wasn’t expressing myself very well. Even my linguistic insecurities crept up.

It would happen in scenes where they made changes to the script or we had to improvise. I’d often freeze up because I was worried my words wouldn’t come out right.”