2024 edition

Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) is back for its 26th year! Running from March 1 to 31, 2024, the RVF promotes Francophone culture across Canada. This year’s theme: “Launch into discovery!”

And with so much to discover, it’s sure to be a blast! Throughout the month of March, Canada’s Francophonie will be reveling in the RVF’s festive atmosphere across the country!

In 2024, the RVF will be shining a spotlight on youth as key agents of change and cultural transmission within the Francophonie and will be partnering with the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Celebrating the Francophonie is important not only for Francophones but for Francophiles, like newcomers and Anglophones interested in the French language and French-Canadian culture.

Each year, the RVF also strives to promote inclusion by highlighting the contributions of Canadians from diverse backgrounds and by acknowledging the presence and contributions of Indigenous Peoples in North America over thousands of years.


The RVF is thrilled to present its visual identity for 2024. This year’s poster shows the spokespersons blasting off to discover the Francosphere. And its captivating design reflects the joie de vivre so characteristic of Francophone culture.

The space theme is an invitation to venture into the unknown, cross new frontiers and marvel at new discoveries. With its 2024 poster, the RVF is encouraging Canadians to  explore the world of the Francophonie with a little humour and a sense of adventure.

2024 Spokespersons


LeFLOFRANCO is a Franco-Ontarian hip hop artist who combines a high-vibrational sound with emotional lyrics. He describes his musical style as “multicoloured urban pop.”

Born in Paris to Haitian parents, LeFLOFRANCO grew up in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. He aims to bring a multifaceted perspective to themes that can at times be sombre. His French music transcends and captivates Francophone and Anglophone audiences of all ages. FLO is a firm believer that variety is the spice of life. The colour and nuance he adds to his lyrics allow his audience to experience a wide range of sounds and emotions.

Since the 2019 release of Force inhérente, his first album, he has performed across Canada and even in the U.S. In January 2022, LeFLOFRANCO came back strong with five new tracks, four of them with music videos.

Photo: Marcel Druwé

Micheline Marchildon

Comedian, actress and host Micheline Marchildon is a Franco-Manitoban from Saint-Boniface. Her long and successful career has taken her to Toronto, Montreal and Hollywood. She has appeared in more than 300 TV episodes over some 15 seasons.

Micheline has made audiences laugh in the TV shows Le Prochain stand-up, Trait d’humour, D’un rire à l’autre, Le sens du punch, Ça fait la job, Le Hé Ho Show, TFO 24.7 and Just for Laughs’ Rire en français.

She’s hosted TVA’s Viens voir ici!, a weekly series that explores the Canadian Francophonie outside of Quebec. She also appeared in TFO’s Météo +, a Franco-Ontarian sitcom that achieved cult status, and she’s delighted viewers with her 1001 voices in the cartoons Canot cocasse (on Unis TV), La Brigade (on and Fééli tout (on TFO).

In her solo act French’er hors Québec! (F.H.Q.), she unabashedly shares the experiences she’s had in Francophone communities outside of Quebec, including communities in Toronto, Winnipeg, Acadia and Western Canada.

Her physical and self-deprecating humour will immerse you in the “funny de la Francophonie”!

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