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Carole Gagnon from Chambly (Quebec)

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Emmanuelle Beaupère from Laval (Quebec)

Blast off into a space where Francophone culture shines as bright as the stars! In collaboration with NAV CANADA, VIA Rail Canada and Parks Canada, the RVF invites you to explore a diversity of artistic styles within the Canadian Francophonie.

How to enter

Venture into a world of fantasy, and discover three vast regions: the Musical Mountains, the Literary Reefs and the Island of Variety. You can explore each region in  day exploration mode  (easy questions) or  night exploration mode (hard questions).

Each correct answer gives you a chance to win, so you have six chances to win—three per level of difficulty!

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Night exploration mode

First prize

$2,500 travel credit from VIA Rail Canada and a Parks Canada Family Discovery Pass.

Day exploration mode

Second prize

Bigly Brothers GD96 drone, worth $1,300!*

Review important guidelines, discover where you can fly, schedule flights, and request permission to fly in airspace controlled by NAV CANADA all from the palm of your hand. Download NAV Drone on your mobile device, or use the web version.

Happy exploring!

The musical mountains

In 2017, Jacobus was proud to announce his return as a solo artist, having already carved out a prominent place for himself in the world of Canadian rap as part of a duo. What’s the name of the duo?

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  • A)  Hey Wow   
  • B)  Ponteix   
  • C)  Radio Radio   
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Do you know what “Calme-toi le pompon” means? In the song Pompon, a Francophone group from the Yukon explains the meaning of this French expression, using humour and rhythm. What’s the name of the group?

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  • A)  Soir de Semaine   
  • B)  Prospect Nelson   
  • C)  Fire & Smoke   
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The literary reefs

In her clever dialogue with her characters in Mon testament, she says she wants to leave them the inheritance they deserve. Who is this author whose characters include La Sagouine?

Click on the correct answer:

  • A)  Antonine Maillet   
  • B)  France Daigle   
  • C)  Rose Després   
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The novel Le captif du grenier tells the story of three friends who leave Ontario for Newfoundland. Adventure awaits in the attic of an old home when they discover signs that a prisoner had once been held there. Who wrote this novel published in November 2023?

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  • A)  Réjean Roy   
  • B)  Pierre-Luc Bélanger   
  • C)  Alexis Flower   
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The island of variety

He’s been a well-known children’s magician for 35 years and loves bringing fun and intrigue wherever he goes. Each year, he draws crowds of all ages, from Vancouver to Moncton and everywhere he travels in between, including Iqaluit, New York, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Click on the correct answer:

  • A)  Daniel Coutu   
  • B)  Fredo le magicien   
  • C)  Éric Leclerc   
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Rug hooking is both a traditional and a contemporary art form. Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie even featured a specially designed rug in its 2022 poster! What cultural centre contains a museum featuring this type of art?

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  • A)  Le Centre culturel franco-manitobain   
  • B)  Les Trois Pignons (Chéticamp)   
  • C)  Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver   
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