A plural identity.
A multicoloured sound.

Les Rendez‑vous de la Francophonie is proud to present the pan‑Canadian tour of its co‑spokesperson, LeFLOFRANCO. LeFLOFRANCO is an artist on the French-Canadian hip hop scene (#RapFrancoCan), who combines a high-vibrational sound with emotional lyrics. Seeking to open new horizons for the hip hop scene, he describes his style as “multicoloured urban pop.” LeFLOFRANCO’s performance promises multifaceted, versatile and catchy music, appealing to young and old alike. His music will make you smile, think and want to dance. DJ Skorpyon and FLO have teamed up to deliver an unforgettable performance. Their sound exudes an infectious, inviting energy, creating an interactive atmosphere for the audience. This performance will have you on your feet!

Performance information

Two types of performances are available: a performance for the general public, and a performance and talk for schools. Applicants are responsible for providing their own technical support and covering the associated costs, if any. The rates listed below are an exclusive offer as part of the Rendez‑vous de la Francophonie (March 2024).

SCHOOL PERFORMANCE – $3 000 (all-inclusive)

Before the performance, you will receive an information booklet that includes LeFLOFRANCO’s bio, a link to his songs and lyrics, as well as teaching aids.

This interactive activity includes a performance and talk—an open and frank conversation between LeFLOFRANCO and the students. The activity will start with a performance by the singer. The performance contains important messages about perseverance, love, tolerance and being proud of who you are. The slogan #CroisEnToi is at the heart of LeFLOFRANCO’s messages, especially in his interactions with youth. In order to prepare students for this part of the show, teachers will receive a teaching aid, the songs and the lyrics.

After the performance, LeFLOFRANCO will give a talk specifically designed for students for Francophonie Month. This talk is an opportunity for FLO to tell students about his journey, his Francophone identity, and how he has overcome obstacles in his life and career. Students are encouraged to prepare questions for the singer and open the conversation about the Francophonie. They are also encouraged to actively participate in the talk and help shape the discussion.

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE – $3,000 (plus tax)

A performance that celebrates life and the divine journey it offers.

The TRAJECTOIRE DIVINE performance inspires self-confidence, celebrating life and is grateful for the various challenges and supports that shape a person’s journey. The themes of the album include reclaiming happiness, celebrating one’s identity and letting go.

LeFLOFRANCO’s music can be described in three words: “multicoloured urban pop.” His unique style blends catchy pop melodies and poetry, with a side of hard-hitting rap, all wrapped up in a rich, upbeat, groovy musical production.

To request this performance, please fill out the following form.

After the submission period ends, the LeFLOFRANCO’s agency will contact you to confirm possible dates.